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Work with Jacob 1-on-1:

create your perfect workout - powerlifting bench press exercise

Premium Coaching

Our most in-depth coaching option. Ideal for those overcoming injury and aiming for optimal results.

Coaching & Training plan

Regular feedback from Dr. Jacob along with a personalized training program. Perfect for strength athletes and active adults.

Training Plan Only

A customized training program with infrequent check-ins. Best for independent folks who just need a solid game plan.

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Virtual Consultation

A live, 45-minute consultation with Dr. Jacob Forsythe. (Available Soon)

Coaching Service Details

1. Premium Coaching & Training Program Design


-Initial 60 minute consultation covering technique, goals, training, injury history, technique and movement assessment

-Weekly technique review (up to 3 exercises) and program adjustments via email

-24/7 email access (24 hr turnaround weekdays, 48 hr weekends)

-Expert injury management guidance and injury prevention strategies

-Customized mobility drills to maximize efficiency & performance

-Evidence-based nutrition insights and guidelines matched to your goals (fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance, etc)

Price: $349 monthly


2. Coaching & Training Program Design


-Initial 30 minute consultation covering goals, training and technique 

-Weekly technique review (1-2 exercises) via email

-Email communication up to 3x weekly

-Access to additional nutrition, sports psychology and injury prevention resources

Price: $189 monthly


3. Training Program Design Only


-Initial 30 minute consultation covering goals, training and technique 

-Monthly technique review via email (up to 3 exercises)

Price: $119 monthly

About Jacob

Dr. Jacob Forsythe played collegiate golf while he earned his B.S. in Exercise Science. He completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree in 2018, and overcame chronic back pain in the process.

Jacob graduated from an Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency program in 2020 and became a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in 2021. 

He is certified in trigger point dry needling, trained in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) parts A & B, and a member of the Rehab Spine Team at a large hospital system in the Southeastern United States.

Jacob has helped thousands of clients overcome pain, regain function and achieve their goals. He particularly enjoys working with strength athletes, runners and golfers. 

Jacob also competes in drug-tested powerlifting. His best raw lifts are 545 lb Squat, 362 lb Bench Press and 687 lb Deadlift. 

Jacob’s hobbies include hiking with his wife and son, playing golf and savoring North Carolina barbecue.

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